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Human Crops

On the platforms of Victoria Terminus station in Mumbai, in the evening time, human crops sprout, grow and are harvested within minutes. Harvest after harvest is taken away in the trains every 3 minutes. The human crops having assorted type of plants germinate and mature within a wink. The platform field is empty barely for a moment and it seems that it has got some preternatural power of fertilizing and is sending forth bumper harvests and harvests of humans. The platforms become so much fertilized that thick crowd of human plants jostled with each other. The harvests are unloaded at different places away from the station. Then these scatter. The journey for some has not ended yet. Again they have to catch some bus or auto to reach their home. By the time, they arrive home, they are so exhausted and tired that after taking the food they hit the bed and rise again in the morning and become like seeds and packed into the trains and transported to VT station and reach their offices beyond VT station. Again they are sown at platforms, become crop and harvested and loaded to trains and come back.

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