Bees in the Evening

By | January 25, 2009

It is almost the end of the month of January. Though, in the North of India, it is very cold with winter at its zenith, weather in Mumbai is quite hot in day time. Due to this, biological clocks of the trees and plants here run ahead of their counterparts in the North. I discovered this through the bees.

Since, last many days, in the evening, there are few bees buzzing and hitting the wire mesh of the windows, trying to reach the light inside the room.The reason dawned on me one day when I was looking at the tree opposite our window. It was full of flowers and bees visit these flowers in search of nectar. Occasionally, some bees which are greedier and over stay till dark forget their way and are doomed to die.  If the bees were birds, they could have negotiated the way to their home as birds can see even in infrared but bees cannot.

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