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Shaft of Light

Today I rose unusually late. It was around half past seven in the morning when I went out for walk. Though, it is Saturday, holiday for us, but this is no excuse for rising late and generally I stick to my morning time as I am out at about quarter to six.

I also changed my beaten track and went to campus of our colony on the other side of MumbaiPune highway which separates our colony and these offices. Crossing the highway, even in the morning is a task, which demands your mental faculties to be working at the peak levels. You can never find a moment when the road is devoid of speeding vehicles. In fact I cannot think of a time when this road have taken a peaceful rest since it was built and no vehicle has trodden on its chest. Day and night, it takes the beating of incessant traffic of vehicles.

Anyway, I went other side. I did not do any brisk walking in the beginning but slowly picked up my strides and then did 2 kilometer or so of jogging along the roads which run into the thick woods. It was misty and slightly hazy. I had my mobile phone with me and tried to capture some morning glory of nature. Camera is not good but I tried and took a photo of helipad and surrounding thick clumps of trees from which by Sun seems to be sending shafts of its rays. These looked like pale yellow rays not the robust ones as they are when the ambiance is clear. I took one picture and was surprised to see a shaft of light issuing from above the tree tops and hitting the ground like a sword.


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