Serpent: The Inspiration Behind Costume Industries

Adam and Eve, the first man and woman, were living blissfully with all the other animals in the garden of Eden. God , had told them, that they don’t need to do any work and can feed freely on the fruits of all the trees there except one tree named “tree of wisdom and evil”.

All day long, Adam loitered here and there among the bushes, bathed in the pristine waters and came back in the evening, hanged on the branches of trees, ate fruits and berries which were in abundance given the fact that there was no pressure on resources. The eve on the other hand, remained more or less confined to home, sitting and talking to other animals who gathered around her. It must had been very boring. It must be the ultimate case of ennui.

Serpent, was most intelligent of all the animals. He asked the Eve why they did not eat the fruits from the tree of wisdom. Eve told him that God had forbidden them to eat from this tree because if they do they will die. Serpent told them that this is not the case, He does not want you to eat only for the reason that your eyes will open and you will also become like God.

Eve was beguiled by the talk of serpent and ate the fruit. It tasted very good and she gave some to Adam also. He could not refuse overcome the curiosity and out of love for Eve. As soon as they ate the fruit, they became aware that they were naked and feeling of shame was born in them. They covered their loins with banana leaves. When God came and realized what has happened, he gave the divine retribution to serpent to crawl and lick the dust forever. He created the punishment of great pain during childbirth for Eve and to Adam, He told that there shall be no free lunches anymore henceforth and they had to toil from day break to day ending and expelled them from the garden after making clothes and attiring them.

Thus we can not only credit Serpent for inspiring the costume industry but gynecology and agriculture.


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