December 27, 2008

10 Best Photos of Nature : 2008

10. “Uncontacted” Tribe Seen in Amazon Shown in National Geographic News’s tenth most viewed individual photo of 2008, members of an “uncontacted” Amazon tribe fire arrows at an airplane above the rain forest borderlands of Peru and Brazil in May. The natural dyes covering their bodies probably signal aggression, native-rights experts say. Later it was revealed that, though this tribe apparently is truly uncontacted, authorities have known about it for decades. 9. Venus, Jupiter, Moon Smile on Earth The heavens smiled down on Earth on December 1 in a rare celestial trifecta of Venus, Jupiter, and the moon (shown here… Read More »10 Best Photos of Nature : 2008

Death: The Grim Reaper

Death, is the ultimate truth. Though in many cultures like Hindus, body and soul are two different entities. The soul is eternal and the body is perishable. The soul lives in a body and when the body becomes weak and cannot sustain its functions, it dies and soul leaves heaven wards. There it is interviewed by Yamaraj about the good and bad deeds it has done while residing in that body. If good deeds outweigh the bad deeds, the soul is sent to a body which is higher in the evolutionary ladder and if it otherwise, the soul is sent… Read More »Death: The Grim Reaper