A New Food Chain

Can you imagine dogs becoming dependent on crows for the bits of meat? It looks strange, but anything is possible on the earth. The story goes like this.

I live in a colony which is bounded by a thick wall on all sides. In front of the colony is Mumbai-Poona Road separated by a continuous ditch adjacent to the wall. There is a path inside the colony along the boundary which I began to take for morning walk as it is desolate.

One day, it was not light yet, as I was approaching the boundary side, I was surprised by the barking of dogs. Why are the dogs here because the dogs roam mostly in the vicinity of living area.

As the light was slowing dawning, I heard cacophony of crows. Crows were diving behind the wall and flying back with pieces of offal: the parts of chicken bodies and perching on the trees inside the boundary. In fact the ditch has become a dumping ground for poultry sellers. Dogs were positioning themselves below these trees. After partaking some the crows dropped the pieces which were eagerly lapped by the waiting dogs.

The mystery began to clear in mind. There was another mystery which was solved, I was surprised to find lots and lots of feathers of hens inside the boundary below the trees. These were the remains left by crows and dogs.

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