Meeting the nature

Since many days, my life has become purely mechanical. I am feeling restless and a sense of ennui has overpowered me. I am absorbed in day dreaming; dreaming of yonder place associated with fond memories. I evince a superficial interest in the things and happenings close to me. I am always lost in the reverie without realizing the futility of situation.

I go for morning walk when it is still not clear morning. It is the time when darkness is about to fade giving way to sunshine. Sky is grey at this time, occasionally silhouette of an early bird appears. The streets lights are still on with their light fighting to break through the envelope of smog. I walk like a dream walker and do not look here and there as I am lost in thoughts of helplessness. A man can be so helpless, I have come to realize now.

Today, I started late when sun was up and there was light. Today, I established a link with the nature. The shadows of the lines of tress were falling on the soft green grass bathed in the dew. The shadows were shortening by the minute as the sun was rising higher and higher. There was a group of nightingales creating a cacophony in the boughs of trees. Nature was at its most peaceful. I thought a person can be so alone amidst riches of the nature.

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