December 2008

Serpent: The Inspiration Behind Costume Industries !!!

Adam and Eve, the first man and woman, were living blissfully with all the other animals in the garden of Eden. God, had told them, that they don’t need to do any work and can feed freely on the fruits of all the trees there except one tree named “tree of wisdom and evil”. All-day long, Adam loitered here and there among the bushes, bathed in the pristine waters and came back in the evening, hanged on the branches of trees, ate fruits and berries which were in abundance given the fact that there was no pressure on resources. The… Read More »Serpent: The Inspiration Behind Costume Industries !!!

10 Best Photos of Nature : 2008

10. “Uncontacted” Tribe Seen in Amazon Shown in National Geographic News’s tenth most viewed individual photo of 2008, members of an “uncontacted” Amazon tribe fire arrows at an airplane above the rain forest borderlands of Peru and Brazil in May. The natural dyes covering their bodies probably signal aggression, native-rights experts say. Later it was revealed that, though this tribe apparently is truly uncontacted, authorities have known about it for decades. 9. Venus, Jupiter, Moon Smile on Earth The heavens smiled down on Earth on December 1 in a rare celestial trifecta of Venus, Jupiter, and the moon (shown here… Read More »10 Best Photos of Nature : 2008

Death: The Grim Reaper

Death, is the ultimate truth. Though in many cultures like Hindus, body and soul are two different entities. The soul is eternal and the body is perishable. The soul lives in a body and when the body becomes weak and cannot sustain its functions, it dies and soul leaves heaven wards. There it is interviewed by Yamaraj about the good and bad deeds it has done while residing in that body. If good deeds outweigh the bad deeds, the soul is sent to a body which is higher in the evolutionary ladder and if it otherwise, the soul is sent… Read More »Death: The Grim Reaper

Survival of Species

Death is called “Grim Reaper” or “Danse Macabre” is the ultimate or final reality of all living beings whether animals or plants. To beat the death, the species procreate and seek to preserve their identity through numbers of offspring. Lower an species is on the ladder of evolution, more the numbers it produces and believes that survival is in sheer numbers. Take fish. It is the food of innumerable species of sea creatures and land animals including human beings. They lay their eggs in millions, large portion of it goes unfertilized and even then the fish is there surviving and… Read More »Survival of Species

The Fandango Hot List

The Top 10 Sexiest Women in 2009 Movies 10. Halle Berry: As Hollywood legend has it, Oscar-winning actress Berry was reportedly offered an extra $500,000 (above and beyond her salary) to bare her breasts in the 2001 thriller Swordfish, in which her free-spirit character flashes fellow Fandango Hot-Lister Hugh Jackman. A recent costume malfunction on the set of her new film, Frankie and Alice, once again exposed Berry to the world and may have helped boost the new mama’s popularity on the 2009 Hot List, after a short two-year hiatus from the big screen. 9. Nicole Kidman: Time appears to… Read More »The Fandango Hot List


These days, he is dreaming a dream. He is running away from his home. Though in reality, it is not his age to run but still he is running away, sprinting and panting. Some saint is trying to dissuade him but he does not listen though he feels guilty about not listening to him. You cannot dream anything in sleep. There is a perfect reason behind the dreams though nobody has still found a perfect explanation. It is generally agreed that our subconscious mind is a repository of our suppressed and unfulfilled desires. Seams of such feelings continue to deposit… Read More »Dreams

A New Food Chain

Can you imagine dogs becoming dependent on crows for the bits of meat? It looks strange, but anything is possible on the earth. The story goes like this. I live in a colony which is bounded by a thick wall on all sides. In front of the colony is Mumbai-Poona Road separated by a continuous ditch adjacent to the wall. There is a path inside the colony along the boundary which I began to take for morning walk as it is desolate. One day, it was not light yet, as I was approaching the boundary side, I was surprised by… Read More »A New Food Chain

Leo Tolstoy & His Nagging Wife

The fame, popularity, money, property and genius is not a guarantee for a happy married life. As it was true in the case of Albert Einstein, it is true in case Leo Tolstoy, one of the world’s greatest writers. He wrote masterpieces like War and Peace and Anna Karenina. War and Peace ranks amongst the first 5 greatest novels of all time. It deals with the condition of aristocratic society of Russia at the time of Napoleon’s attack. Tolstoy’s early life was full of gambling, boozing and licentiousness though a struggle in his inner mind for shunning this life was… Read More »Leo Tolstoy & His Nagging Wife

Bitter Side of Einstein’s Life

The family life of one of the greatest scientists was far from being happy. He married Mileva Maric in 1903 and divorced her in 1919. In the intial phase of married life, Einstein was happy but after sometimes quarrels began and they splitted though the couple has three children. In a letter to her, found recently, Einstein accuses her of not passing his letters to his children. He arrived at this conclusion from the fact that children did not return him any greetings as they were unaware of his letters. There were also quarrels over the money he sent for… Read More »Bitter Side of Einstein’s Life