Rushdie owes to Sterne, Gunter Grass and Gabriel Garcia

Style of novel by Sir Salman Rushdie is influenced by many writers, prominent among them are Gunter Grass, Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Laurence Sterne. This can be seen from the common thread running in their novels Midnight’s Children, Tin Drum, One hundred years of solitude and Life and Times of Tristram Sandy respectively.

Interminable sentences interspersed with commas, colons and semicolons seem to have been adopted from Laurence Sterne. Magic realism is the common thread between Grass, Rushdie and Gabriel Garcia. Though Garica is crowned with being the originator of magic realism.

In all the novels mentioned above, there are some common style elements outlined below:

  1. The protagonists are the narrators of the story.
  2. The protagonists are all abnormal children. Saleem of Midnights children has the gift of knowing and reading the other people’s mind. Oskar of Tin Drum is a midget but has the power of shattering glass with his voice.
  3. Protagonists of all the books think that they are able to influence the destiny of their nations; that the destinies of the nation and protagonist are interlinked.
  4. All the books are witty and humorous to the core.

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