October 2008

Kali Bein Flows Again

Kali Bein is one of the important rivulets in Punjab state of India. Emerging from a spring near Hoshiarpur, it flows through Kapurthala and Sultanpur Lodhi, it runs a course of 160 Km to meet the legendary river Sutlej near Harike Pattan. The first guru of Sikhs, Guru Nanak Dev used to take dip in the stream. During all religious occasions, the people of Punjab will dunk in this river for purification. It was believed that Guru Nanak Dev had begun his holy march to deliver the word of God, from the river’s bank and attained enlightenment and went on… Read More »Kali Bein Flows Again

Rushdie owes to Sterne, Gunter Grass and Gabriel Garcia

Style of novel by Sir Salman Rushdie is influenced by many writers, prominent among them are Gunter Grass, Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Laurence Sterne. This can be seen from the common thread running in their novels Midnight’s Children, Tin Drum, One hundred years of solitude and Life and Times of Tristram Sandy respectively. Interminable sentences interspersed with commas, colons and semicolons seem to have been adopted from Laurence Sterne. Magic realism is the common thread between Grass, Rushdie and Gabriel Garcia. Though Garica is crowned with being the originator of magic realism. In all the novels mentioned above, there are… Read More »Rushdie owes to Sterne, Gunter Grass and Gabriel Garcia