Lost My Bearings!

Ever since I came back here from Assam and joined the older place of posting, I seem to have lost my bearing and confidence seems to have been left behind. Colleagues, here look at me with indifference. Some of them seem to be unconfortable with my arrival, others simply ignore.

It is just three months since I came here but it seems to be an eternity. However hard I am working but our head seems not satisfied. Rather he seems to be apprehensive towards me. It has become plainly clear that there is no use trying to argue with him. So I try to avoid him as much as I can.

Previously, when I was working here, I seldom moved out from my room and almost felt no desire to go to other people but now I try to go to some old aquanitances who seem to be ever busier than before. So, disenchanted I come back. Sit forlorn and have no one’s shoulder to lean on to. I am totally down in dumps.

1 thought on “Lost My Bearings!”

  1. After reading this, I felt a intense feeling of lonliness. It happens when we leave our settled/semisettled life style. I also felt in the begining of my arrival at Assam. But after finding some people of my likings and frequency. But your knowledge in evry nook and corner is praiseworthy. Once you showed me green pegions, which nobody could’ve shown me, another time the sound of squirell which is totally different from others and many more. This I mentioned for your nature love, at workplace you are a scientist. When I first met you I thought person is not mixable but after some time I found your simplicity humane behaviour, the knowledge of chemistry in your fingertips any many followers like Pachayri too.
    I hope atfer a span of time I would like to see you happy and with new zeal at panvel too.

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