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September 2008

Lost My Bearings!

Ever since I came back here from Assam and joined the older place of posting, I seem to have lost my bearing and confidence seems to have been left behind. Colleagues, here look at me with indifference. Some of them seem to be unconfortable with my arrival, others simply ignore. It is just three months since I came here but it seems to be an eternity. However hard I am working but our head seems not satisfied. Rather he seems to be apprehensive towards me. It has become plainly clear that there is no use trying to argue with him.… Read More »Lost My Bearings!

Right Attitude of Parents Towards Children

In the beautiful novel “Far Away and Long Ago” , W. H. Hudson wrote a passage about his parents attitude towards them when they were little children. It is profound thought expressed in so simple words. I quote the exact text as follows. “When I think of her I remember with gratitude that our parents seldom or never punished us, and never, unless we went too far in our domestic dissensions or tricks, even chided us. This, I am convinced, is the right attitude for parents to observe, modestly to admit that nature is wiser than they are, and to… Read More »Right Attitude of Parents Towards Children

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