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Some Facts About Bombay

The year 1840 marked the year of progress and prosperity.

  1. Great Indian Peninsular Railway completed first sod work in 1850 and completed the rails laying work in 1853.
  2. First bank of Bombay was opened in 1840.
  3. First tramway was opened in 1860 in Colaba.
  4. In 1857 first spinning and weaving mill started to work.
  5. In 1869, the Crawfors Market was thrown open to public.
  6. Tulsi water works were completed in 1879, Powai water works in 1889 and Tansa in 1891-92.
  7. Between 1860 to 1890 great influx of migrant labours took place and was held mainly responsible for city congestion and diseases like plague.

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