Life & Death

What is life after all. Yesterday, in the night, around 9 O’clock, while returning from the club, I saw the dog lying on the grass by the side of the road. Its body was writhing in convulsions; froth was issuing from its mouth. It was dying and its mental faculties had lost all reasoning. Its mates were sitting melancholy by its side nearby. They were silent.

Only, yesterday it was alive, today it is leaving this world. Yesterday, it was fighting for food with other dogs. Animals of same species or for that matter seem to settle score there and then; they don’t keep animosity or love in the balance. We humans, keep the hatred and love stored in the mind where it get the interest also meaning it continues to accumulate and results in tensions and unhappiness. Animals will fight and forget it that instance.

Next day in the morning, though I was not having the courage to go and see it lying there, I went there. It was lying without any worries about gathering food, serene, it was sleeping an eternal sleep freed of all hardships. I recalled to my mind the phrase “a dogs life“.


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