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Return of the Prodigal

I joined back RGL Panvel on transfer from Assam on 12th of June, 2008. The colleagues here think that I have used my means for getting back to this place, that I have taken the help of very senior and influential people to maneuver my posting and come back to my favorite place. My family being here have added weight to their speculations.

So my arrival have been very lackadaisical affair and like a prodigal returning back to his home, where cousins generally are apprehensive of his arrival. They fear that he will disturb the status-quo and relegate us. First of all, the incumbent in-charge of the laboratory where I was once a in-charge before leaving was very restless lest I may usurp his headship. Nervousness was very visible on his face. But now he is rest assured and is again unaware of my presence.

At the same time, some people in the laboratory I joined are not enjoying my joining them. From their innermost heart I rankle into their hearts. But outwardly, everything seems to hunky dory.

The whole truth came out when no mention was made about our joining the laboratory, no words of welcome were said, during the farewell of one senior colleague going out on different assignment. So conditions are such that I am again and again longing for the environment I was accustomed to in Assam.

Let us see what happens in future.

What I was suspecting was right. She feels that I have snatched from her the position she was becoming accustomed to. She and all others were very well adapted with the erstwhile mentor who though was not senior to me. They have no personality clash with him. But as soon as I came here and despite my not wanting to come to this particular laboratory, they-she in particular-became apprehensve to me and are suspicious of me. Today, my suspicions came true when she openly declared that she does not want any change in the things, to maintain the status-quo. She desires that I should open my mouth only when she wants.

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