Hordes of Rats

Another sad story about ONGC colony at Panvel. Hordes of big rats are roaming fearlessly in the ground floor flats. They are so big that even dogs and cats do not dare to challenge them. One day we saw in our car some pieces of paper and few pieces of a pipe. We became suspicious but remained complacent. Next day, I was flabbergasted to see the smithereens of papers lying scatter on the floor of car. It happened that the rat’s teeth were so sharp that it might eat the whole car in few days. It has cut a rubber stopper in the panel separating the inner part from engine and gone inside where it cut a hole through the dashboard material and entered the small housing where you keep your papers. It then attacked the papers.

Next day when my son opened the chest of scooty, a big rat was sitting inside. It had cut the plastic and made a big hole to enter. I thought that at this rate, these rats will bring down the building because they have already made enough holes on the ground. They roam in the day time without give any dime to the people moving around. They will then eat away cars and scooters, cycles and lastly they will attack the denizens of the colony. No one is doing anything to contain them.

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