Daily Archives: May 19, 2008

Apocryphal Signs

Let us talk more about the mongrel pair I mentioned in the last post. There is a custom here in our company that loudspeaker begins to blare singing praises of the company, at about eight thirty in the morning reminding employees that it is office time. It is followed by a religious songs.

What is happening, as soon as the loudspeakers blare, this pair of dogs begun howling and weeping very badly. Since the laxity in the company is increasing day by day and things are taken loosely in the name of giving freedom to employees, the portents of bad days do not seem to be very distant. Does this means that howling of dogs is a apocryphal sign. Something about the days to come.


Mongrel Pair

I live in a house which is housed in a enclosure. There are 3 rows of houses on 3 sides, 4th is open walk. In the centre is a pucca square slightly at a lower level than than the verandahs. In the time of heavy rains, it is full to brim with rain water and looks like a pond. Once I thought that if the authorities dig it and cement it it will become a very good pool where the residents including ladies can swim and enjoy and give water to Sun God.

Anyway 2 mongrels live in the compound and are very contented because everyone throws food morsels at them often. One is male and another who is younger is a bitch. There was a time when there was blood coming from the female parts of bitch and all arounds drops were scattered. It happened for many days.

The day it was over, she was not to be seen anywhere. Her companion was sitting alone though not looking depressed because he takes more interest in food than carnal pleasures. We discovered that the bitch is roaming with other dogs outside the compound.

Why did she not chose the one who was with her day in and day out? Why did is elope with distant dogs? Why did she come back and receive the same comradeship from the male?