Middle Class Amitabh

Amitabh is undoubtedly the greatest actor of Indian films. During the initial stage of the film career, when he was struggling and when he did not get roles, it was the then prime minister Indira Gandhi who pressed many producers and directors to give him good roles. After the initial struggle, he broke the shackles of small roles and blazed like a star on the firmament of Indian cinema. No other actor has been able to reach to his heights. Accompanying the tall and lean figure is the baritone voice with which he has captured the audience and rules the industry! There is no doubt of his genius in the acting.

If he is a middle class than I pray to Almighty to make every Indian like him at least if not rich.


  1. Kohli J K says:

    Rightly said sir I am also one who want to be Amitabh.
    Good to read your thoughts about the article.

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