Green Pigeons

Assam is home to very different kinds of birds because it provides the rich floral habitat to the diverse fauna. In India, it is the state along with its neighbor states in North East that can still be called pollution free. Everywhere you see the greenery; though things are changing as the people are being infected by the afflictions called modern ways of living because of the mobility of people to and from this area to other parts of the country and increased contact with people outside. Public sector enterprises which recruit employees from all over India and transfers them from one place to another is one such factor which contributes to the knowledge of this kind.


In summer season, I happen to saw some birds looking like pigeons into the thick boughs of a bird; when i tries to locate where they were sitting; I found that the birds were just like the pigeons but of the green color. I was surprised because in North and Western India, we always saw the pigeons of usually white, grey and mottled colors and generally they sit in the ledges of buildings and pick the food like seeds from the ground; not generally sitting the branches of trees. So these were the green colored pigeons who lived on the trees eating fruits and seeds on them.


Then I searched the net and there were numerous places especially in Africa and South Asia which are abode of the green pigeons.

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