Monthly Archives: January 2007

VB The Runty Odin!!!!

Although it will be abominable to compare VB to Odin the God of Norse mythology because he does not stand anywhere near but comparison here is in another context; rather it is contrast between to head of organizations. Odin, he has two wolves sitting always by his side as his pets and he gave them all the meat placed before him and himself partook the wine only. Mr. GM and Mr. VPS are Geri and Friki of VB. But VB must remember that the wolves when hungry and food is in short supply can become very dangerous for their keeper; they can kill each other or tear the keeper to shreds. Then our VB, our Odin, the analogy is surprising extending further, has two ravens: Higin (thought) and Munin (memory) which are perched on his shoulders; in the present context, they are known as Mr. S and Mr. S. so the quartet is complete except that another wolf is trying to make his way towards him and God help him.

When the Fog Sets in Assam

I wrote this when I was in Assam. When the winter begins to set in, it announces its arrival by the forming the fog in the morning. Due to the proximity of the river and lot of greenery causing the air to be heavy and pregnant with moisture. The streetlights seem to be lazily dozing off in the winter foggy nights; their light seems to be like a bird trapped in a web of dense fog and fluttering to break the snare and get free. In the morning the light seem to be tired like a prostitute who has not slept one wink during the night.

The people walking yonder seem to be like wraiths; they appear and disappear suddenly around the corners. When there is breeze the fog glides from one place to another riding on the breeze causing dappled light and shadows. The fog causes shadow shifting sorcery and in a moment the light becomes dark and vice versa. As the day progresses and arrives at noon, the fog vanishes and everything shines resplendently in the sun; the leaves of trees become translucent and shine brightly. Soon it is night again; the sun is gone; the fog again returns along with the night to hang like a gauge over everything. There is pal of gloom; the lights are again yellow and sick.