Shahrukh: KKKing KKKhan

Not for nothing is he called Badshah or king Khan. He lolls in money; money seems to find excuses to go to him or Amitabh Bachpan. It never leaves them for a second.

The sobriquet of King is an appropriate one. There has been an King Shahrukh in the past; he was the king of kings and his full name was Shahpal bin Shahrukh and he ruled Qaf which was a magical place inhabited by Parees, Devs, Jinns, and other non-human species. He had subjugated them all like our incumbent King Khan who casts his spell on Bollywood Parees, Devs and Jinns.

Dev. [dev] is species of immensely huge, powerful, strong demons, mostly violent and brutal; they are invisible to ordinary human eyes, and can fly. They live in Qaf, and are kept in subjugation by Shahpal. Some are cannibalistic. Their females seem usually to be magicians.

An Ifrit. [((ifriit] is a “Demon.” The most powerful and terrifying of the Devs who rebel against Shahpal. “’Ifrit” is normally a species name, but here it is the name of a single individual.

A Jinn. [jinn] is a species of Qaf-dwellers, invisible to ordinary human eyes; they can fly. They seem to be intermarried with the Parees: Shahpal bin Shahrukh’s brother Sabz-qaba is described as a Jinn.

It was Shahpal bin Shahrukh who invited Amir Humzah- uncle of prophet Mohammad (صلى الله عليه وسلم ;ﷺ; salla Allahu alayhi wa sallam : Peace be Upon Him)- to Qaf. Shahrukh had a daughter called Asmaan Paree (Sky Paree) who ruled after his death and married Hamzah and held him captive by love and violence for eighteen years. She bore him one daughter, Quraishah.

So it is not any overstatement to call our Shahrukh, the King.

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